Today my daughter asked me what type of work I would do if I had my choice. Thinking what an interesting question to be coming from her, I told her. I would love to write and be able to enjoy a comfortable living. I would write books, plays, sitcoms. I would love to write comedy but I think one should be able to make jokes and tell funny stories without being nasty or insulting. We will have to see.

After answering the question, I began to think about her question in depth. I have always “preached” to my children that they should do what they are good at keeping in mind Gods purpose for their lives. I decided that I needed to practice what I preach. So where do I start? I’m in between classes right now. I’m chasing an Associates in Business but have been advised to seek an English Major. I’ve been told that writing comes easy to me. This is due to an apptitude test I took a couple of years ago. I suppose I’ll start sending out articles about different subjects just to see what kind of response I can get. You never know what will happen but I will certainly be glad to write something that someone thinks is worth paying for.

I could start off by writing a romance novel…hum… Lady gets divorce…moves back to home town to re-connect with her roots and heal.. Doesn’t trust men… meets old friend from highschool…Falls in love again… Oh dang! That one has been written many times already. Perhaps one about the damsel in destress…Boring. I could write a comedy. I suppose it would help to be funny. Considering that I love to laugh, I think I’ll start a blog about joy and finding it in the craziest places…


Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you are pulling a semi with only a strap. I did that yesterday. My semi was loaded with food for over 1000 people and my co-workers were in the front seat of that semi putting on the brakes. Sometimes, I think it would be nice if my manager could see my day through my eyes.

There were several of us working together. The people who worked with me are “senior” to me in our “pecking order.” Anytime my boss wanted something done, he came to me. “This needs to be done. That needs to be done.” So, I started ordering (in a nice and respectful way) my co-workers. I was like, “Can we do this right quick?” “Sure, they replied..” And gradually the work our boss wanted got done. I think I’m due for a promotion. From now on, every time my boss tells me to do something, I’m going to tell my co-workers to do it. I’m going to start ordering them around… in a nice way, of course. 

I love my boss. He is such a fun individual to work with although he has high expectations for his employees. His weakness is that he allows some employees go get away with not performing their jobs to such an extent and others have to fill the gap. I’m the “others” referred to in the last sentence. I’m going to start asking him to get them to do their job. I’m going to ask in a way that doesn’t make me out to be a complainer… “Hey, will you get so-n-so to do this, Hey, will you get so-n-so to do that?” or perhaps, “Do you mind if I tell so-n-so that you want them to do this or that since it should have been done 2 hours ago and … um… I’m just now clocking in… ”

I may do it just to see what kind of response I get from my co-workers and my boss. The end result is that my boss will see the work completed.. my co-workers will actually have to get something done and I might not have to feel like I’m pulling a semi filled with tons of food and my co-workers putting on the brakes…

My Best

July 2, 2011

I have always given it my best in the workplace. I have always done what was required, and then some. I have not always done the right thing when nobody was looking but now I strive to. I have given any job I had 110%. The other day, I was told by my boss that my best wasn’t good enough.

It is interesting to see a person develop in their life. That comment could have been taken in the wrong way. I have co-workers who witnessed my boss telling me and I quote “Well, your best isn’t good enough.” These individuals could not believe he said that to me and were insulted for me. This is due to the fact that they see me do my best and they see me do a good job. I try to show integrity in my work. I try to do what is right when my boss or any other supervisor isn’t looking. I am trying to show an example of good work ethics.

I decided when I heard that remark that I had two choices. I could do something really negative and be angry or I could make that comment work for me in a positive way. I chose the latter. I am going to make that dispicable comment work for me and benefit me. The hard work begins. Making good out of something bad is easier said than done.

The only way I can make good out of that comment is to put it out there. I want everyone to know what was said to me so perhaps people can learn what is appropriate to say to an individual and what is not. What could he have said to me that would have acknowledged the fact that he knew I was doing my best, but that some things were being missed. That comment shot me down like a torpedo. I had to pull myself up and in doing so, I will develop into a stronger, more capeable woman. There is nothing anyone can do about that.

In addition, some individuals may be intelligent, capable and be able to get the job done but have absolutely no way with words. He could have just stuck his foot in his mouth. I have always thought my boss was overqualified for his job but now I understand why he isn’t in a higher position. It’s because of his mouth, his attitude, and the way he treats people. He is his own worst enemy and doesn’t even know it.

And.. My best is good enough but my best is getting better…