Can We Just be Different???

July 11, 2016

I have something I want to share with whoever is willing to read this. We are people. We all feel love. When someone hugs us, it feels good. We all feel the same emotions. When someone hurts us, we feel sadness. Often we become angry. When we hear something funny, we laugh. When we are fond of someone, we get butterflies in our stomach. What a sweet feeling.

We love getting together with the people we love. We all love good food. We may all not like the same food, but we all love what is good to us. How many people from different backgrounds and with different beliefs love the taste of fresh coffee in the morning? How many of us with different skin tones would love to spend a week in the mountains or on the beach? How many of us enjoy a good dinner and a movie? We love the feeling of having an arm around us or even our hand held.

How many of us, from different backgrounds and cultures love our children, and want what is best for them? We want them to make the right choices. We want them to get a good education. We want our children to fall in love and have their own families. We want our children to find joy. Many of us want our children to fulfill the purpose that God set forth for them. How many of us, from different cultures and backgrounds remember the stories our grandparents told us about when they were young? Does anyone remember the one about how they walked many miles in the snow and barefoot to get to school?

How many of us have known fear? When a loved one was sick and we thought they were going to die, we felt the same emotions. When we succeeded at some milestone in life we felt pride in ourselves and joy. We all get scared in a way when we ride a new ride at an amusement park. Despite our differences, we love our favorite songs. We don’t have the same favorite song, but I bet we each have a favorite song.

How many of us are excited when we see new life? When a baby is born, we just want to kiss his or her face because he or she is just so precious. When that same baby has a dirty diaper, we hand it back to mom because we all know, poop stinks.

We have more in common than we have differences. Why are we focusing on our differences??? Can we just be different? Can we respect each other? Can we calm down as a nation and take a breath? Can we let the Justice system handle those who have done wrong?

Can we quit being so hateful to each other and try showing each other some love? It’s amazing what you find out about a person when you ask, “With all due respect, may I ask why you feel the way that you do?” People have many opinions and beliefs partly because of what they have been through. Can we stop being prejudice? We all have been guilty of this. I’ve noticed that when I’m nice to someone, they s are usually nice back.

I want to say that it is okay to be kind to someone. It is okay to be good to someone. If you have anyone that you really don’t like or care for their beliefs or culture, just be kind to them. You will be surprised what the kindness will do for that individual and for you.



2 Responses to “Can We Just be Different???”

  1. Tracy said

    Love this and you’re right why can’t we just get along we all have to live on the same plan it together why make it miserable for each other

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