I Need An Attitude Adjustment

July 17, 2016

Well folks, I have to admit that I’ve been having a lousy attitude lately. It’s time for an attitude adjustment. Who’s with me?

The best way to give yourself an attitude adjustment is to arrange for time off. I won’t be able to get any vacation until after October so a weekend will have to do. The next thing is arrange for a good cleaning of your home. This will increase your attitude by at least 25%. After that, hit the road or the lake. Camping sounds nice. I’d love to just spend the night in the fresh air. I would love to get a week of it but one night or two is better than nothing. This should bring your attitude up another 25%. If you can get out on the lake, go for it. If not, maybe a swim and some hiking out in nature will bring the attitude up another 25%.

I’ve been working and am in school online for the next couple of years. I don’t want to fall in to a pit so I’m planning something pretty quick. I need nature and I need it now. I’m having picnic, campfire, smores, stars and great conversation withdrawals.

Who else wants an attitude adjustment?


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