I’m Never Going Back

July 23, 2016

I had another nightmare last night about my old job. I was back…I was there to help out because they needed it.

I used to work in correctional food service. I’ve worked as a corrections officer and after some time, I went to work in the kitchen because it paid more money. I ended up working as a food service supervisor in a prison for several years. Sometimes the job was good, sometimes the job was a nightmare from hell.

Some times in correctional food service, employees find they do not have enough inmate help to get the work done in the required deadline. It’s ridiculous. I worked for a food service company that was contracted by a private corrections company which operated a prison facility for The Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Often, we did not have enough inmate worker help in our kitchen to get the job done. This was my dream. I dreamed that I went to help them out because they were so short handed on employees and the employees they had were exhausted. I went in and there was an employee who didn’t know anything. He was pulling pans of left over food to put on the line to serve in a meal that was not even on the menu.  The food was cold, some was was not even cooked.  was a complete disaster. There were inmates refusing to work. In my mind, I could not blame them. I had figured out that this meal was going to put the next meal behind.

I cried out to God. “God help me!” Much like I used to cry out to Him when I worked there… In the open in front of inmates. I did not care what anyone thought.

I finally woke… Thank God! I awoke thankful that I am in a good place now. I have been for 2 years. I didn’t realize at the time of my employment that I had PTSD from some events that happened over 25 years ago while I was in the service. This had an affect on how I handled situations while at this job.

I have had other dreams but thankfully I am forgetting them when I wake.




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