My Purpose…

September 26, 2016

Often I wonder why I am spending my years trying to catch up. I am almost finished raising my children. My youngest will most likely graduate high school this coming May. She is in our local learning center. Her studies are at her own pace.

Although I am in college working towards a degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Cyber Security, I wonder if this is the direction for my purpose. I believe I was put on this earth to help people, and to love those who normal people can not love. I know that I am not normal. I know I am extraordinary in my own way. I have an unbelievable amount of love in my heart to share. I can not let it go to waste. 

When I finish my degree program, I will be able to travel for work. I hope that I will be afforded an opportunity to do things what will improve the lives of people who believe there is nothing for them. I am disgusted when I see or hear someone who is supposed to be a Christian speak something negative over someone who they are in authority over. I’ve worked in corrections for several years now. I hear people say to those whom they look down to, “You’ll never amount to anything.” It is okay to have authority over an individual and not look down at them. 

I want my hand to be the hand that God uses to pull people out of the pit they have been stuck in. I want to help people believe in themselves. I want my purpose, God willing, to be to show others that they too have a purpose.