Today my daughter asked me what type of work I would do if I had my choice. Thinking what an interesting question to be coming from her, I told her. I would love to write and be able to enjoy a comfortable living. I would write books, plays, sitcoms. I would love to write comedy but I think one should be able to make jokes and tell funny stories without being nasty or insulting. We will have to see.

After answering the question, I began to think about her question in depth. I have always “preached” to my children that they should do what they are good at keeping in mind Gods purpose for their lives. I decided that I needed to practice what I preach. So where do I start? I’m in between classes right now. I’m chasing an Associates in Business but have been advised to seek an English Major. I’ve been told that writing comes easy to me. This is due to an apptitude test I took a couple of years ago. I suppose I’ll start sending out articles about different subjects just to see what kind of response I can get. You never know what will happen but I will certainly be glad to write something that someone thinks is worth paying for.

I could start off by writing a romance novel…hum… Lady gets divorce…moves back to home town to re-connect with her roots and heal.. Doesn’t trust men… meets old friend from highschool…Falls in love again… Oh dang! That one has been written many times already. Perhaps one about the damsel in destress…Boring. I could write a comedy. I suppose it would help to be funny. Considering that I love to laugh, I think I’ll start a blog about joy and finding it in the craziest places…